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Physiology and Biomechanics of Movement

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Graduate Studies

Are you a serious biology student interested in pursuing a MS or PhD conducting original research in the biomechanics and physiology of animal movement?  Have a look at some of our publications. If you think you want to join the Deban Lab and the Integrative Biology department at USF for graduate studies, please get in touch with Dr. Deban and check out the info on the graduate studies program in our department.

Graduate student alumni Maranda, Bill and Chris spotting hellbenders in North Carolina.

Mary Kate photographing salamanders in a redwood forest in California.

Undergraduate Research

If you are a biology student at USF, and are interested in lab research and a career in biology, not health related, you can obtain valuable laboratory experience working with amphibians, reptiles, and insects. If you are set on a health or veterinary career, this is probably not the lab for you.

What you can learn in our lab: Animal care (amphibians and reptiles mainly) — Animal training, observations, and record keeping — Surgery — Dissection of preserved specimens — Anatomical techniques (e.g. clearing and staining) — Electromyographic and pressure recordings — High-speed digital imaging of rapid movements — Digitizing and computer analysis of image sequences — Motion tracking and dynamics analysis — Quantifying fluid flow around animals—Dynamic modeling — Temperature manipulation experiments — Muscle contractile physiology experiments — Comparative and phylogenetic analysis — Field collecting of animals.

Browse the DebanLab website and publications get an idea of our current research. If you are interested, and if you are willing to commit to at least two semesters of research, you can fill out the application form

Pseudoeurycea cephalica from Mexico

Chris, Segall, and Jason in Highlands, North Carolina.

Bolitoglossa franklini from Mexico